m a r i a _ c h a v e z

carlos m. pozo


i was born in concepcion, chile and currently live in houston, texas with my wife and two cats. i travelled widely in my childhood due to my father's work, which took me and my family out of chile and to iran, iraq and europe. i studied architecture at the university of houston and have worked for small design firms since i was a freshman in college. my drawings, watercolors, collages, and digital images are born out of my study and work in the field of architecture.


-university of houston college of architecture 1984 - 1987
-w.o. neuhaus architects 1984 - 2006

selected projects:

-"ballardian", a series of collage works using abstract color images from glossy 1970s magazines arranged into rigid geometric patterns. collages are titled and inspired in homage to english science fiction writer j.g. ballard.

-"tropical depression", collages inspired by technical diagrams illustrating the path of hurricanes cutting across the caribbean towards texas. the intent is to evoke a sense of dread, foreboding, and doom while still retaining the feel of a "tropical" paradise. this work was presented alongside a sound installation at labotanica in houston, texas on january 15, 2010.

-"titan blocks", axonometric drawings, 3d models, and watercolors of cyclopean architectural forms of indeterminate scale.

-angbase magazine writer, publisher and editor 1997 - 2002

-pitchphase audio, producer and editor 2004 - present

-graphic design work for frostwave modular analogue (australia), audiobot records (belgium), pacrec troniks (los angeles), and pitchphase / angbase

-writings and reviews in ongaku otaku music magazine (san francisco), grooves magazine (detroit), and perfect sound forever (online music webzine)

-renovation of the nabisco plant (with w.o. neuhaus) in 2004. interior and exterior refurbishing of an existing industrial facility. interior "pods" for restrooms and exterior stair towers were added to transform this vast structure into office space while retaining its industrial character.

- arbor in the pines (with w.o. neuhaus) at hermann park in 2001. this structure contains and conceals mechanical equipment for the hermann park lakes and reflection pond. the curved shape creates a small exterior performance space shaded by a wood trellis and supported by limestone columns.

- one of several sound artists asked to perform in conjunction with an exhibition of hermann nitsch's work at the station museum houston. an hour-long electronic piece entitled "red note for hermann nitsch" was presented on may 21, 2005. this piece used minimal analog electronic tones to provide a visual counterpoint to a specific section of the nitsch exhibit.

- chosen to participate in the "nameless sound" festival of creative improvised music curated by the pauline oliveros foundation houston in december of 2004. performed live group improvisations on mixer feedback and sinewaves with sean meehan (new york), tatsuya nakatani (japan), and dave dove (houston) among others.